Mr. StarZ’s new single Bugatti is nothing less than exceptional. Consistently releasing stellar material, Mr. StarZ has been on a tear over the past few months, releasing countless hits such as U Want, Electric, Killer, Can’t Resist, and many more. He has been crafting a lane for himself in the house circuit and Bugatti will be a song his fans come back to months and years later. The track begins with a deep voice singing “do you want to ride around in my Bugatti?” over slowly building rhythms and bass. After the first drop, you’ll be dancing out of your seat. 

If you’re in the Massachusetts area, Mr. StarZ will be performing live in Cambridge next month at The Corner at ZuZu! He’ll be joined by Nazariff and Remy Steele. Get your tickets here. While he’s been based in Massachusetts, a big change is coming to his life—he’s moving to Orlando, Florida! So if you’re down south and are looking to see Mr. StarZ live in concert, we may have an update for you soon. Make sure you check out Bugatti if you’re a fan of EDM and house music. It’s available on Spotify and all major digital streaming platforms courtesy of HighFiveMusic Records.