Brad Reid is undoubtedly one of Canada’s, if not the world’s, greatest Celtic folk artists. He’s already proved this on his debut album, NEW Scotland—where he brought Scottish folk to Cape Breton. This project got Brad nominated for a handful of awards at the Nova Scotia Music Awards—including Folk/Traditional Recording of the Year for 2021. 

Haley Small’s Reel was a standout single from NEW Scotland. To start off 2022, Brad Reid remixed Haley Small’s Reel with a new music video and sound for BMX riders to jam to. The video shows Brad Reid killing the song on the violin in a skatepark as BMX riders do tricks behind him. 

Mixing classic folk rhythms with a unique flair, Haley’s (BMX Remix) is a refreshing remix of the already awesome track. Check out the music video on YouTube or listen to the single on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform. Want more from Brad Reid? Check out this interview.