Kings and Liars has released the next single from Transition Animals, their upcoming album. An intimate ballad, Conquering the Fear takes the listener on a journey through an emotional and passion-filled moment. Sensations happen in seconds and build to a unique and gut-wrenching bridge. The listener gets a glimpse at the singer’s confidence gains as the song nears the end. 

The Connecticut-based hard rock and metal band consists of brothers Charlie and Nick Bellmore of The Dee Snider Band and Jasta and Christopher Taylor Beaudette of Jasta and Entierro. As told in our recent interview, the crew hopes to spend a lot of time touring and promoting the new album in 2022. 

Conquering the Fear is Kings and Liars latest single off their new project, Transition Animals, out January 28th. Make sure to check out the other singles on the album, We are Alive and Hang on for Dear Life, on Spotify, and don’t miss the release!