King Anu brings us back to 2019 with a new EP titled Late 2019. Late 2019 features three songs newly available on all streaming platforms—Empathy, Space, and The Usual Move. Trippy production and spacey vocals mixed with boom bap and old school hip hop influences make this an enjoyable listen for new and old fans of the genre. 

King Anu’s Late 2019 is a nostalgic trip and it’s 12 minute run time only leaves you wanting more from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based rapper. The prolific rapper also released a couple of singles earlier this year—Back Up on my Shit and Another Sort of Therapy Session, after his album We Seem to Be An Impasse. 

Rapping his heart out, King Anu puts his all into every release. In our recent interview, King Anu says that his music is  a simplistic yet bar-heavy look into the mind of one who lives a bad guy while wanting to die a good man and beloved king.” Until his next release, follow him on Spotify or on social media at @thegreatkinganu.