The Shape has had an incredible 15+ years, performing at over 600 live events, selling out countless shows, and charting on Billboard with their album The World Away. Thanks to talented videographers like Reel 58, the Connecticut-based hard rock and metal band have released a handful of impressive visuals to their songs, such as the recent Sifting Through Ash, which shows the band rocking out in a newspaper-decorated room. 

The music video to Sifting Through Ash came the same day as the release of their 2021 album, The Age of Doom and Fear, which received more than 1,000 worldwide sales and downloads in its first week. The album featured 14 songs and clocked in at 62 minutes. It was an impressive release, with singles such as Doctor Plague taking over 10 years to complete.

But what’s next from The Shape? Word is that they have more videos with Reel 58 on the way to songs from The Age of Doom and Fear. They’ve also got another album planned, where they plan to show off more their take on more conventional rock music. Stay tuned! The band has a lot on the horizon. Until then, check out The Age of Doom and Fear, The World Away, and the rest of The Shape’s discography on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform.