2020 was a tough year, and Connecticut-based hard rock and metal band The Shape used it as an opportunity to improve its roster and finish up their next album The Age of Doom and Fear. The Age of Doom and Fear releases on all digital streaming platforms on October 29th. With The Age of Doom and Fear, the band needed to look no further than the real-life terrors of the world of 2020 and the beyond. The Age of Doom and Fear is an emphatic musical analysis and statement of life as it is currently and the paths of horror and hope that may follow our choices. 

The Shape will be premiering the album at a number of shows across the New England area—including October 2nd’s Warcockapalooza, and their Connecticut early album release party at The Cellar at Treadwell in Hamden, CT. The band closed out September with an official endorsement from DirtBag, a popular clothing company based out of San Diego, California known for creating various styles of clothing including streetwear, rock-n-roll and urban clothing, hoodies, flex-fits, women’s tee-shirts/babydolls, and accessories. 

Recently, the band released the last single and music video before the album drops in October—Party for the End of the World. Showing off band members Brian Almeida and Chris Carlino hosting a vampire party, the single and its music video blend comedy and dark themes seamlessly. Hopefully, Party for the End of the World will hold you over until the album premieres in late October. Until then, stay up to date on everything The Shape on their website https://www.theshaperocks.com