The past year has been an eventful one—we officially formed as DCR L.L.C. and started off 2021 by being recognized as the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Washington D.C. For the first half of the year, we took on new clients and exciting projects as we scaled our business. In August, we hosted our first live event since the beginning of the COVID pandemic with GrooverellySpell Jordan and Friends, where we brought out Spell Jordan and a number of guest artists: Jackie Platinum, Original God, Kamiyada+, Kbackwood$, $lyce, and others, to DC9 Nightclub.

We’re excited to announce that as we close out Q3, we’ve been named for a number of awards by The Manifest and DCR L.L.C. was named the #9 Ad Agency Business Consulting Company in Washington D.C. by The Manifest, the #24 Small Business Business Consulting Company in Washington D.C. by The Manifest, and a Top 20 Small Business Consulting Firm in the Arlington area

As we close out the year we are especially thankful to the artists and brands who have chosen us to help them navigate the music industry more successfully. If you’d like to see how we can help you position your brand in the digital landscape, take a look at our service offerings or get in touch with our team.