We had the unique opportunity to interview Boofbby, an exciting artist from the greater Toronto area. We chatted about his biggest accomplishments, Varsity, plans for the future, and more in this interview. 

Hey, Boofbby! Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you got your name from.

Hey I’m Boofbby I’m 21 years old and I live in Brampton in the greater Toronto area. I’ve been making music since I was like 17 and if I’m not doing that I’m probably on my computer, skating, or at work. But honestly, my name was just a placeholder at first cause my name was something whack when I was 17, but Boofbby just ended up sticking I feel like I wanna change my name sometimes but I like the alliteration and how boof could mean either good or bad and the bby is cute too.

How did you connect with Jackie and the rest of the Varsity collective?

Varsity’s pretty big but we all knew each other or of each other for the most part but I met Jackie, Shyburial, and Shane Stokes when Varsity started. Kevinhilfiger I met a couple of years ago on Instagram and we had some group chats where I met Christmas Present and Kid Trash. I met Keyblayde808 a minute ago too on Instagram and Curtains has been my bestie in real life since before we made music. I met Deathnotes at a show in Boston in 2019, met Popstarbills through him, and met Cartoon Ben in Toronto around the same time. I met 00mathew through Shyburial, met Snake through Bills, and I met Kasper Gem when he joined Varsity.

How is your music different than other artists coming out of your area?

I think my vocal style is pretty unique compared to the mainstream and underground Toronto scene because of how I experiment with my voice. I love to sing I can’t sing but the melodies are my favorite part. I also love punching in I feel like it opens a whole new world of flows up, so singing in different octaves and tones while punching in just feels like the perfect mix for me. I make swag music and the swag is the vocal style.

What inspires you to make music? Why did you start?

I’ve always felt like a creative person and loved to listen and sing along to music and I used to freestyle and write raps as jokes but my homie randomly downloaded FL Studio for me on my computer one day and it was over. I was making beats at first but eventually, I started recording vocals with my iPhone mic and was like this is what I need to be doing.

Who is your favorite artist(s) you’ve worked with and why?

All my homies, my besties, and my niggas Varsity, Bapestahs, the Toronto homies a.k.a. the gang.

What was your biggest accomplishment this year so far?

I never thought I’d get 2 songs with 100k and I’m also really hyped to get to do this show in Brooklyn on the 9th gonna be like a little vacation for me and Curtains. It’ll be our first show outside of Canada and we’re gonna get to meet and turn up with the gang.

What advice do you have for artists trying to make a lane for themselves like you have?

I’d just say to believe in yourself and make the music you want to hear. Try not to overthink things, keep pushing, practicing, dropping, and have fun doing it.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021 and 2022?

I really wanna do more traveling, meet new people, and do shows if the pandemic allows … keep making bangers and do videos and a tape eventually …

Want more from Boofbby? Follow him on social media at @boofbby or check out his music on SoundCloud or Spotify.