The Connecticut hard rock scene needed a shake-up, and that’s exactly what The Missing Inc. brings. Hard rhythms, powerful drums, and infectious bass are ever-present, but The Missing Inc. fuses together these elements and comedic flair for some really terrific music. According to the band, “TMI was founded on the principles of sonic brutality, shameless virility and unbridled excellence. Starting as a posh core side project at a Swiss boarding school.” In this article, we’ll take a look at The Missing Inc.’s discography.

The SoFISTicated EP

The SoFISTicated EP was released on August 17th, 2018. The EP featured three songs—KING, OBSIDIAN, and YO MAMA. This EP gave the CT scene a run for its money and showed off the band to rock and metal fans for the first time. Purchase the EP for $2 on Bandcamp.


Their second project and first album, albuMEN put together 10 of the band’s strongest songs. A handful of songs from the record received lyric videos on YouTube that highlighted the band’s strong songwriting ability. Get the album and the rest of The Missing Inc.’s discography for $16.50 on Bandcamp.

Mega Lo Mein Ear

Mega Lo Mein Ear is The Missing Inc.’s third project, second album, and first release on all digital streaming platforms. Mega Lo Mein Ear is the band’s strongest body of work and a great entry point for new listeners. Grab a digital copy for $10 on Bandcamp.

If you’re looking for a new band to fall in love with, The Missing Inc. is it. Stay up to date on everything they’re up to on social media at @the_missing_inc or their Bandcamp page