Closing out an incredibly eventful 2020, The Missing Inc., a Connecticut-based hard rock band, released Mega Lo Mein Ear, their third official project. Mega Lo Mein Ear follows up on 2019’s albuMEN and 2018’s The SoFISTicated EP. 

This project builds upon the humorous themes the band specializes in while still honing in on their hard rock roots. Mega Lo Mein Ear includes some of the band’s popular songs that were released on their YouTube channel, including one of our favorites—Let’s Go Disco! The album features 10 songs and runs for 36 minutes. 


  1. Stevie Ray
  2. Devil Woman
  3. The Decision Is Vinyl
  4. Cosmic Diddler
  5. Let’s Go Disco!
  6. Kung Pao (Requiem)
  7. Sue Supernatural
  8. Come On Down
  9. Mo Money
  10. Magnificent

For more from The Missing Inc., check out their Bandcamp page, where you can stream or purchase the band’s entire discography.