A figurehead of the New England metal and hard rock scene, The Shape returned from a nearly 1-year hiatus with Doctor Plague, their first single of 2021, earlier this year. The single has gone on to receive over 30,000 streams across all platforms, 11,000 alone from Spotify. The band followed up with two more absolutely epic songs – The Parasomniac and Invisible Wolves in the coming months. 

These releases continued to build upon the infectious rhythms and hard riffs the band is known for as well as expanded upon thrash metal, progressive metal, melodic death metal, and extreme metal influences. Even though they’ve been experimenting with new styles, their core audience has loved their new music, with every release breaking 10,000 cross-platform streams. 

After charting on Billboard with their last full-length project The World Away, the response to The Shape’s three most recent tracks bodes well for their next album, The Age of Doom and Fear, which releases on October 29th, 2021. The album will also be preceded by at least two more singles releasing this summer. 

As undoubtedly one of the strongest acts coming from the region, The Shape is positioned to become a household name in the metal and rock circuit by the end of the year. Check out the band on their official website www.theshaperocks.com to stay up to date on their latest happenings.