Catherine Wynder is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music and performed in New York City from 2009 until March, 2020. She and her husband moved to Suwanee, GA when COVID-19 hit NYC to be closer to family and have their first child. In our recent interview, Catherine spoke on this experience in detail, stating that “after graduating from the Manhattan School of Music, I taught lessons and performed as a freelance violist and violinist in NYC until COVID hit … then my husband and I moved to Suwanee after living with my parents for a few months and delivering my baby girl, Ellie.” 

Catherine has performed at Carnegie Hall, Nike SoHo, Park Avenue Armory, and the Renwick Gallery, among many others. Catherine enjoys performing Lindsey Stirling covers with choreography, previously for the Mardi Gras Productions and PopUp NY street fairs.

She has also created some fantastic original music, including the Celtic inspired song Synthesis in 2018. Catherine describes her music as “meditative, calming music” and is perfect background music for work or study. She’s also on TikTok performing some great covers of popular songs.

Catherine is excited to perform more this year and has a lot planned. Make sure to follow her on all social media networks at @catwynder to stay up to date on what she’s got going on. If you’d like to purchase some of her original music, head over to her BandCamp –