Toledo’s Sasha D’Nise has worked hard to where she’s gotten today. Not only is she an amazing vocalist, but she’s also an actress and songwriter. She’s grown up in a musical family, creating and singing in church and with her dad, as well as in school and throughout the community. Take a look, and the listen, to our top three Sasha D’Nise tracks below. 

Be Alone

Her first official single, Be Alone speaks to the experiences of Sasha D’Nise in vocals. Years of exploration in music and emotions, Sasha found her true spot in the industry, allowing her to release tracks with an air of authenticity permeating throughout her sound.


A 2020 release, Exhausted highlights Sasha D’Nise’s difficult relationship with love and connection. A song that truly speaks to her expertise, we love to listen to this one at any time.

Drinking –  Live Performance 

Now let’s be clear, the original release of Drinking is a great track, the live performance just hits different. After performing with artists such as Ciara, we know that Sasha is at home on stage.
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