Releasing music for nearly a decade, The Shape established their presence in the melodic death metal and metalcore scene with releases such as The World Away and Where The Sun Sleeps charting on Billboard. Back in 2012, they released their second full-length project, The Impurity (… Of Gods, Monsters, Heroes, and Villains) featuring singles such as Cannibal Eyes, Nightmare Victim, and Martyrs. 

In 2019, the band re-released the project with two re-recorded tracks. On the 2019 release, the band took a step back seven years later to perfect the project – publishing the project on BandCamp. For fans of melodic death metal and metalcore and artists such as Alice in Chains, Lamb of God, Ghost, In Flames, Iron Maiden, and similar bands, this album is a must-listen.


  1. Nightmare Victim
  2. Cannibal Eyes
  3. Police State Paranoia
  4. Fire of the Gods (The Majestic)
  5. Martyrs
  6. Videodroned (Welcome to the Horror Show)
  7. Unforgiven Sin
  8. The Hourglass of Fate
  9. The Ghost
  10. Vengeful Hearts
  11. Dead Star
  12. Configure My Lament
  13. A Night With The Creepers (A Deadtime Story Interlude)
  14. Portrait of a Man on Fire (Acceptance)
  15. Forevermore

Two years later, the album still stands up against their newer projects, Masque of the Red Death and The World Away. Take a listen to the project on BandCamp or add it to your playlist on Spotify!