Earlier this month, Dee Washington released Never Be Lonely Again, his latest single, on YouTube. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Dee Washington has crafted a unique lane for himself with his nostalgic blends of RnB and pop influences in his music. We’ve seen Dee release a number of music videos and singles over the past few years, including More of You, Purple Bandit, We Could Be One, and more, on his YouTube channel and digital streaming platforms. 

Never Be Lonely Again is Dee’s latest work and undoubtedly one of his strongest to date. Unlike his more downtempo work, Never Be Lonely Again draws upon some country and pop influences on top of his classic RnB style to create a smooth and catchy single that can appeal to all audiences. As Dee gears up for a full length project, we’re excited to see what other tracks he has in store for us. 

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