NASA defines a black hole as “a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out … Because no light can get out, people can’t see black holes.” In Airospace’s latest release, he draws a metaphor between his struggles with love, alcohol, and drugs causing his demise and the death of a star creating a black hole. 

The Washington D.C. native’s new release “The Making of a Black Hole” begins with a gritty introduction, filled with the angry barking of dogs, placing the listener inside of a dark day in the DMV. Like many of Airospace’s releases, this single is truthful and introspective as ever, and he spits lyrics including “I see death in 56 shades of grey, talking to my conscious, present him and offer and let him stay” and “a solid month I do enough and I got chalk for a liver”. 

Releasing music since 2016, Airospace is rooted deep in the underground, a scene that comes with massive amounts of both love and hate from other artists as they grind their way to the top. In The Making of a Black Hole, Airospaces discusses his feelings for other artists in his lane, saying that “the opposition provides competition not a resistance” and they inspire him to work harder.

For fans of hip hop acts such as Griselda, Drasmatic, and Your Old Droog, The Making of a Black Hole is an instant addition to your playlist. Check out the single along with Airospace’s entire discography on Spotify.