From Washington, D.C., Airospace established himself locally and nationally through years of consistent, quality releases, and a key co-sign from Sprite in 2019. Airospace effortlessly blends alternative, lofi, and hip hop into a raw and powerful product. In this interview, he talks about the influences of the DMV on his music, mental illness, his creative process, and upcoming works.

Hey Airospace, thanks for chatting with us. Tell us a little about yourself. How has growing up and living in D.C. shaped your life and music?

Thank you for the time, I appreciate you. I’m originally from Alabama Ave, SE and over time migrated out to MD, LA then back to the city. It’s been interesting, because there’s an energy and creativity in DC that is misunderstood, but also unmatched. There’s a climate of expression here that has found its way into my music. The forwardness. The rawness. DC streets gave home to my catharsis.

Compared to many other artists and rappers in the DMV, you make very unique music. Who or what inspired you to start making music with lofi and alternative influences?

I have a few actually, not all from one place. To name some – Nujabes, Kanye West, Vildjharta, More than Life, Cinematic Orchestra, MF Doom and Japanese Anime.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a musician?

Networking. My mental illnesses and anxieties prevented me from doing some of the networking it takes to proceed. No one tells you “making it” is a combo of who you know, how close you are and how much money you have. They just tell you “keep going”. But where do you go if you don’t know? Who’s the first friend to make? At what stage is what I have considered leverage? Your sound gives you many answers, but not all and it’s important to know how, when and who to reach out to. 

Selling yourself to people, and keeping up with these relationships is a job in itself.

What’s your favorite project or single you’ve made so far?

I’m not sure. It’s between Oscillation and STBY as of right now, but what I’m about to release is better than what I have. This could also change with my mood.

What’s the process behind working on a song like?

Sometimes it’s a flash in a pan, a moment of excitement and inspiration that avalanches – and five minutes later I have an entire song recorded. In another, my brain sometimes creates creative walls that keep me regulated, a killswitch to overwhelming – so where as in other instances my brain fires off, in times like these I crawl through the process, returning when my brain recalibrates to finish up what I started. It takes days, and sometimes when the moment is lost, the song is too.

Any upcoming releases from you to look out for?

I have a single and video named The Making of a Black Hole set for release Dec. 1st.

What are your plans for 2021?

Releasing an EP at the top of the year, and spending the majority of it building the brand and solidifying my presence.

Have any shoutouts?

Shoutout to Exociety, Sprite, and Tidal!

Don’t miss out on The Making of a Black Hole, releasing on all digital streaming platforms on December 1st. Want more from the D.C. based artist? Check out Airospace’s full discography on Spotify.