Drasmatic is a conscious hip hop artist and producer born in Dallas, Texas, and based out of the Bay Area in California. Since 2017, Drasmatic has released a number of projects and singles discussing his battles with schizophrenia. His work also relates to meditation, politics, and religion. As a producer, he dabbles much into record sampling, lofi, and boom bap sounds. With five full length projects released in the past three years, some of Drasmatic’s songs may have gone overlooked by new fans. In this article, we’ll cover our three favorite songs released by the prolific California transplant.


Depictions is our favorite track from Drasmatic’s most recent project, Array. Released on August 29th 2020, Array is Drasmatic’s strongest work thus far, following up on the successes of 2020’s Consciousness. Earlier this year, we worked with Drasmatic to create a lyric video to the song.

Night of Lost Budapest

Night of Lost Budapest features Drasmatic spitting over an untraditional instrumental. The sixth track from Drasmatic’s Alchemy album, released in 2017, this is a must-listen for fans of Dras’ newer work.


Baby is the third track on Drasmatic’s 2019 Meditative Jazz project. As the name of the project suggests, the single is an ambient and soothing jazz track highlighting Drasmatic’s production talents. 

Interested in learning more about Drasmatic? Check out our exclusive interview, where he discusses growing up in Texas, his influences, and more. And, make sure to follow Drasmatic on Spotify to catch up on his discography.