Caponeli is an exciting emerging artist based out of Morocco with an interesting take on R&B and hip hop. Caponeli describes his experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic in his new project Epidemic. Epidemic was released on August 7th and featured 9 tracks. Epidemic is available for stream on BandCamp, Audiomack, and YouTube, on the Hydromel Music channel. 


  1. Bousa
  2. Couple Dreams
  3. Echoes
  4. 100 Bars
  5. Undones
  6. Grand Rapids
  7. Records
  8. Oustoura
  9. The Race

When we asked Caponeli about his upcoming work earlier this year, he said “I’ve been recording a lot with the COVID situation. Recorded “Marina Bay”, a 7 tracks project where I’m singing in French, for my friend working on my beats Big Mo that will drop when the sun comes back a bit more.” 

Epidemic is available for free and serves as a prelude to Caponeli’s Marina Bay. Interested in learning more about Caponeli? Check out our exclusive interview we had earlier this year. Want to listen to more from Caponeli? Check out his debut album, Only Thi Family.