Grand Rapids emcee Parkour Havok is all about consistency. Over the past year, Parkour Havok has released a number of trap and hip hop releases, growing steadily more confident and impressive with each release. 2020 saw the release of Fantasy, Need, and Smoke Fumes, and 2019’s Know Your Worth has surpassed 13,000 streams as of date. This month, Parkour Havok released his newest single, Villains.

Villains features fellow rising talent, Babyyoung, who bounces off Parkour Havok’s flows seamlessly. Villains describes the quest for fame and wealth, while battling opposition along the way. Parkour reflects on money, stress, god, and more. 

Parkour Havok is gearing up for more singles and a full album this year. Want to learn more about Parkour Havok? We recently sat down with the Grand Rapids artist for an interview. Check it out!