South Dakota recording artist and Upper Midwest representing emcee OpWaNkAnOp continues his consistent release schedule with Fin, released at the end of last December. Fin is a tribute track to some of OpWaNkAnOp’s inspirations, such as Caine and Krayzie Bone. Op has also cited Bone Thugz N Harmony as the reason he started recording. 

“I suffer from depression and sometimes thoughts of suicide because of the past I’ve experienced.  I always listened to their songs during that time, and I listened deeper and deeper every time.  I understood everything they were saying in their songs.  The truth, which is something I wanted to Rap about; but about my life and everything I’ve experienced and what I’m currently going through. They saved me with their music.  They are also who helped pave the way for my style and flow.” OpWaNkAnOp states in our exclusive interview.

OpWaNkAnOp is planning two major releases in the next few months. He and $lim are uniting for their collaboration tape Depression Suppression before Op’s solo project, The Big Drop, later in the year. 

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