Jamaican born, New York based emcee Ziggy Dunkley released his new single, They’ll Kill You, earlier this week on all streaming platforms. 

They’ll Kill You discusses tough topics such as race and gun violence. Ziggy’s signature reggae-rap style shines on this catchy and smooth track. 

Ziggy discusses some of his influences, Tupac, and Biggie, and situations that emerged from Tupac’s death. For fans of classic hip hop and reggae and reggaeton, this release is a must listen. 

Ziggy Dunkley is gearing up for more releases this month, with another single dropping next week. His other recent singles, including Rampage and Searching, are also available on all platforms. 

Ziggy’s Jamaican influence is strong, and he says so in our recent interview. Learn more about Ziggy in our interview, or check out his full discography for free on Spotify.