A.I.R.A., otherwise known as Alex Hamilton, released his EP, Beginners Luck, at the start of October 2019. With six full-length tracks, A.I.R.A.’s EP proves his hard work has paid off. 


  • Beginners Luck
  • The Fact
  • Break Necks
  • Bodies on the Floor
  • Murder
  • Sick as Me
  • Too Legit

Check it out on Apple Music. Like his inspirations Eminem and Royce Da 59, Beginners Luck speaks to Alex’s experiences growing up in Colorado in a unique, lyrical flow. 

With an invigorating cadence and personal lyrics in The Fact, A.I.R.A asks the listener, “Wanna walk a mile in my shoes? Wanna wanna lose? Wanna choose between your gas and buying something new?”. Don’t miss any of A.I.R.A’s upcoming releases by following his SoundCloud!