Chicago’s Dee Washington continues to release incredible R&B and rap hits. 

The independent, solo artist released another amazingly catchy melodic track today with 9 Lives. The instrumentation, mixing, and lyricism is on point in this release. Building on his work in his recent Genesis EP, 9 Lives is sure to please his fan base, and his powerful rap verses are bound to surprise. 

1,2,3, she’s throwing sticks, 4,5,6 don’t waste my time 7,8,9 she’s out of time, you don’t stand a chance this time around…” Dee sings on the hook.

Dee Washington’s musical roots shine through on 9 Lives. He says in our recent interview “I started making music in August of 2018… But I have a musical family, so I’ve been around music for a while. I’ve always wanted to sing and always wrote songs.” His complex and mature inspirations of Michael Jackson and Tracy Chapman are evident on 9 Lives. 

Dee is set for an epic summer. The music video to Death Wish, and his upcoming project, Beware Tha Beast, are coming soon! Stay tuned for more.

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