“Pain lives when I put it in writing, fast car, nascar, working on dying…” Jackie sings on Faster Car, a beautiful, honest, bubbly pop track he dropped this week on SoundCloud.

Jackie is one of our favorite artists right now for a number of reasons. His melodies are fantastic and his beat selection, in this case production, is extraordinary. However, what we find so unique is that Jackie is able to tell a story and paint a picture of his childhood and his life without creating a fake persona on social media or attempting to go viral with a gimmick.

Some of our favorite lyrics on Faster Car reference major facets of Jackie’s life he has discussed on other songs: his poor relationship with his father, his friend Terrio’s passing and their strong friendship, and his struggles with drug use.

Some lyrics that stand out are:

“Death and breath, we are all retiring, Fuck my therapists, I know they’re lying, Do you think that you know me, Cuz i don’t know me anymore… “

“Sheesh, I need peace, Pictures of dead friend on mantelpiece”

“No I don’t know, Nothing bout what the future holds, But I’m gone go, Anywhere you tell me to go…”

Jackie says he plans on releasing a new single every week for the foreseeable future. He’s got a ton of content out, so check out Faster Car and his other his singles on his SoundCloud here.

Interested in a complete project from Jackie Platinum? Stream the 42 Baby’s Jackie Platinum and Jackie Platinum, Vol. 2, on Spotify.