“Went from sleepin’ on futons, to straight croutons…” Jackie Platinum sings on his hit single Croutons.

With the amazing growth of independent music on the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to discover artists before they explode. A lot of underground artists one may find are simply capitalizing off this wave, and the ones who are really talented are often in the spotlight quicker than it takes to find them in the first place. It always sparks our interest when we find one of those artists that we believe is really going to explode in the next few months. 

Jackie Platinum is one of those artists.

Jackie Platinum is a Boston born artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Jackie undoubtedly connects with the bop-punk, emo, and pop audiences. However, what separates Jackie from his peers is his carefree attitude, uptempo production, and fast melodies. Jackie’s songs feel like a true mix of a rap and pop-punk. Jackie’s style ranges from pop to rock to emo but all his tracks feature a uniquely bubbly sound.

While he’s not seeing the views on YouTube and Spotify we believe he deserves, he’s getting great engagement on SoundCloud. For a streaming platform that seems to be declining in popularity, it’s good to see artists can still use the free platform to upload and promote their music. 

With only 100 monthly listeners on Spotify, Jackie truly hasn’t gotten the acclaim he deserves yet.

Our favorites from Jackie include Ozarks, Croutons, The Winery, Blackhearted, and Life is Green, however, his entire SoundCloud discography is enjoyable. He’s one of those artists you can start listening to and will end up lost in the rest of his music. Check out the official visuals to Life Is Green below.

What do you think of Jackie? Check out his music on Soundcloud here.