Payday Records has been releasing some crazy content recently. The label has launched artists from BBY GOYARD to Jay Z. Recently, they brought on DJ Premier. BigBabyGucci is one of Payday’s newest additions. He’s been releasing some killer content lately. 

Payday’s roster is incredibly diverse. Gucci stands out from his label mates and 1500 friends with his low effort style on both his rapping and singing tracks. Gucci frequently collaborates with producers BLVC SVND, GRiM DOZA and 6silky. The three producers have very different styles; so does Gucci.

You may know BigBabyGucci from his hit single with Bobby Johnson, Hypnotized. Check out the video, courtesy of Payday Records, below:

BigBabyGucci’s name may catch your eye. He didn’t always go by BigBabyGucci. He used to be known as BigBabyFinnesse, but changed it after writing a “Free Gucci” song. Read more about Gucci in an interview with Internet Hippy here.

One of our favorite songs from BigBabyGucci is Rick And Morty. The song brings Lil Yachty vibes but managed to stand out from similar works.

“I HOPE YOU KNOW BETTER … Watch how you talking to me!” Gucci sings.

Internet Hippy asked Gucci where he sees himself in 10 years:

“I see myself with a Grammy and my whole thriving label in 10 years definitely. Im setting myself up right now just for that, im thankful for the attention I’ve gotten these past 20 months and +100 songs but I got too much to accomplish and show the world.”