Artist Marketing Services

Downers Club Records excels in its ability to catapult artists and our affiliates to stardom. We take artists and agencies that are looking to generate an increase in reach, streams, and engagement for digital content and specialize in finding an audience, capturing recurring listeners, delivering monetized streams, and ensuring music has a long lasting and far reaching presence.

Our inbound marketing and digital advertising skills are the best in the industry. We take risks and examine trends to project each artist and each piece of their work to their highest potential. The keys to our successes helping support well-rounded digital products are organic and paid digital advertising backed by statistics.

Top Campaigns

Song: Models by Spell Jordan, Lil Xan, Yung Tilapi, Smokeasac

Streams: ~1.5 million 

Spotify Playlist Placements: Clout Culture, This Is Lil Xan, This Is Spell Jordan, Anti Pop

Song: Fight! by Wavy Jone$, Spell Jordan, CUTOFFURMIND

Streams: ~226k

Spotify Playlist Placements: This Is Spell Jordan, The Sound of Dark Trap

Song: Different Now by 93FEETOFSMOKE, Spell Jordan, nAvvvi

Streams: ~115k 

Spotify Playlist Placements: Tear Drop, This Is Spell Jordan

What We Do

Organic Music Promotion

Our organic music promotions will boost your career and bring revenue in to your single, EP, or album!

We focus our organic promotions on four mediums:

  • Social Media
  • Streaming Services
  • Email
  • Our Website and Blog

Social Media: We support your music through social media promotions on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels. We utilize a proven and successful social media strategy to increase reach and engagements on your content to finally convert potential listeners into your customers. 

Streaming Services: We support your music through inclusion on our Spotify playlists and SoundCloud reposts and playlists. We’ll not only bring in streams, but followers, critics, and true fans. 

Email: We have one of the most successful and dedicated email lists in the industry. We’ll promote your music to our contacts who are already interested in new content. 

Our Website and Blog: We support our clients through write-ups, reviews, interviews, and more content on our website and blog.

Sound like a lot? It is. We’ve actively engaged with millions of people worldwide last year strictly online. Let’s get those people to your content. 

Ad Buying Campaigns

We have years of experience in digital marketing and ad buying. We specialize in Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Spotify Ad Studio, and Facebook Ads campaigns. We craft a custom audience to each client and run individualized campaigns for your music. Our advertising campaign is guaranteed to see results and is not only the quickest, but most effective way of bringing in new listeners and customers to your content.

Purchase a Marketing Package

Have any questions? Get in touch with our team. Ready to get started? Purchase a Marketing Package today to accelerate your next release.

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