Kingdom Come, the debut single from the hottest new hard rock band 8APIE, was released on September 2, 2022. 8APIE is a band that has been formed out of pure passion and necessity by veteran musician and mixing engineer Fader Istheman, who has over 25 years of experience working with every major record label including Big Machine, Sony, Arista, Atlantic, etc., along with artists such as LA Guns, Zebra, Joan Jett, Dee Snider, Quiet Riot, etc. The band’s members are vocalist Fader Istheman, drummer Seven Istheman, and background vocalists Kimmy Kupershmid and Melody Roxz.

8APIE is on a mission to authenticate the music industry. To share real deal hard rock/metal music that has substance and is lyrically deep and meaningful with real music lovers that appreciate and miss this type of art and production. Their newest single does precisely that. 

There is a profound message embedded in the song Kingdom Come. Additionally, there are many ways in which it can be interpreted. Even during dark times, remember to enjoy the little things in life, the good things that happen every day. Don’t let the moments pass you by. Eventually, we will all meet our maker, but while we are here, we should live life to the fullest! As 8APIE would say, “Live til Kingdom Come.”

A legendary band that will build its success on passion and hard work, 8APIE is one that you should keep your eye on! Want more from 8APIE? Listen to their new single Kingdom Come on Spotify!