Becoming the next big thing in pop takes time, perseverance, a strong understanding of marketing and the music industry, and a bit of luck. This can be a lot, especially when you’re in the studio constantly working on your craft. The Justin Biebers and Beyoncés of the world didn’t get there without a little help, and that’s why the biggest pop acts often have a label or management and marketing teams at their disposal. We put together a checklist of action items pop artists need to do to succeed. Whether you’re a pop artist yourself or you manage or work with a pop artist, these tips can benefit you. Want more tips like these? Check out all of our free artist resources

  • Create social media accounts
    • Post weekly on Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and TikTok.
  • Build a website
  • Record in a professional studio
  • Film music videos for your best singles
  • Invest in advertising
  • Collaborate with a big-name-artist
  • Pitch your music to industry stakeholders
    • Radio stations, record labels, sync licensing companies and film studios, etc.
  • Attend and perform at open mic nights in your city and state.
    • Remember that even the biggest artists started out small.
  • Contact booking agents, talent buyers, and venues to get booked for a concert
  • If you aren’t able to get booked, you can always find a venue to rent and throw the concert yourself
  • Reach out to bigger artists and their teams to open up for them on their tours
  • Apply to perform at festivals and events such as SXSW
  • Never give up
    • Your biggest song might end up blowing up years from when you release it. We’ve seen it happen numerous times!

Becoming a household name in pop can be difficult, but this checklist should give you a great starting point. However, it’s always easier and less stressful to navigate the music industry with a trustworthy and dedicated team by your side. Sound like something you’re interested in? Check out our artist development services. Want to read the rest of our insights for artists? Take a look at our free artist resources.