Lil Maru, whose real name is Diego Macias, is the newest face on the West Coast rap scene and is steadily rising to the top. In mid-2020, Maru made a name for himself with his singles Change Up and Save Me. The West Coast rapper has made a lot of noise, over the past two years. Initially, Lil Maru gained fame due to his viral postings on TikTok. Since then, he has shown that he has the potential to become a major star in the game. Check out other West Coast artists on our blog! 

Lil Maru achieved viral success in 2020. As a result, he is changing the perception of West Coast rappers. Not only did Lil Maru shift the attention, but he also caught major label attention, for example, Interscope Records has been paying the rapper a keen eye.

San Diego’s Lil Maru’s voice has a slight echo as if it’s been put through a filter, but it sounds natural. This is not exactly unheard of, especially out West, and on “Issues” you hear traces of Yhung T.O., Aflacko, and 03 Greedo in the way he uses this chilly melody to weave between street politics, painful reflections, and not-so-romantic romance. Hard-hitting snares, airy melodies, and robotic-sounding hand claps elevate this bouncy West Coast single. In his style, he emulates the West Coast wave. 

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