Record companies use various marketing techniques to promote new music. Some artists release singles before releasing an entire album, while others wait until all songs on an album are complete. Here are three ways that labels promote singles to sell music. Want more tips to navigate the music industry more confidently? Check out all of our free artist resources and articles.

1. Music Videos

Music videos are short clips that feature popular musicians performing one or more songs. They often appear as part of a larger campaign to promote an upcoming album or single. A music video is a great promotional tool that helps artists build awareness for their new album or single. It’s also a good way to introduce listeners to new artists. Music videos are frequently shown during television programs such as MTV and VH1.

2. Social Media Marketing

Record labels often promote their artists through social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Artists and labels use these channels to share behind-the-scenes footage, promote upcoming events, and connect with fans.

3. Press Releases

A press release is a type of news story that is distributed to journalists and bloggers. It includes details about the artist, the music, and the event. These releases are usually sent out via email or posted online.

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