The newest single from willcody, Eliza, is finally out! On June 17 2022, our favorite east coast indie band released yet another masterpiece. 

Eliza begins by introducing the listener to calming guitar chords before building to a heavier rock beat with a solid drum line. Lead singer and songwriter William sings about getting “stronger now from the spark”, and the listener can truly feel a spark growing inside of them throughout the song. 

Eliza reminds us of a track off a Bright Eyes album, one of the band’s main influences. We previously chatted with willcody to further discuss their influences, as well as their history as a group and ever-evolving style. Even though willcody has only been making music together for about a year, their talent cannot be questioned. 

Eliza is out now on all streaming platforms. Need to hear more from willcody? Check out their full discography on Spotify!