Owshan released her debut album, Elevat8, Friday, May 27th. The project’s themes center around Owshan’s many diverse interests, including the ocean, fashion, love, and self-improvement. Owshan’s versatility truly shines on the album! In anticipation of the full project, the Canada-based artist released singles Cupid’s Arrow, AAA, and Elevat8*.

Elevat8 is meant to tell a story. With an introduction, eight chapters, and an intermission, we get to experience Owshan’s variety of musical styles while still listening to a cohesive project. After a sultry opener, the listener is greeted by the next track, Reverse Psychology, like a cool, foggy ocean morning. Then, with Increa$e, you start to both feel and hear the sun slowly rising up from the horizon. Once the listener reaches Chess Move, the sun has also reached full elevation and is shining brightly above the glistening water, in control. Like both the sun and the ocean, the listener is reminded that love is constantly changing, ebbing, and flowing throughout life.  


  1. A Love Story
  2. Reverse Psychology
  3. Increa$e
  4. Chess Move
  5. Didn’t Know
  6. Cupid’s Arrow
  7. AAA
  8. Love In
  9. Slickest
  10. Elevat8*

As Owshan reflected in our recent interview, the album and tracks are “…different love life trips that take listeners on an interesting journey from the past to the future, the before and the after.”  We couldn’t agree more! Check out the full interview here

Elevat8 is out now on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. We know you won’t regret giving it a listen!