Kapjav is a United Kingdom-based recording artist who has been making music for 7 years. He has been carving his own lane through consistent releases on SoundCloud, impressing those around him and building a dedicated fanbase. Learn more about him, his inspirations, his favorite release, and more in this interview.

Hey! Introduce yourself. Where are you from?

I’m kapjav. I’m from the UK!

When did you start making music?

I started making music in 2015.

Who inspired you to start making music?

I used to smoke weed and spend countless hours on SoundCloud surfing for new stuff I liked. That was my life for a good 2 years. I found inspiration from everything I was seeing and heard during those times. My friends let me know that I could be good at making my own stuff and when they started liking some of the songs I posted on my SoundCloud page I wanted to keep on impressing them.

How would you describe your music style?

My musical style is the sound of me losing innocence and, gaining experience. My older songs show how fresh I was to everything music-related. The future stuff will show how much I know what is needed in the world of music.

Who are you listening to now?

I listen to myself and my friends. Although I do hear everything, I’m forever on the internet.

What’s your best project or single so far?

My best project is my recent album. It compiles the songs I’ve made that have been gaining traction on SoundCloud over the past few months. Giving the opportunity for them to be streamed on all the streaming platforms. Flex and Finesse is my favorite song on the whole thing.

Any upcoming releases from you to look out for?

Yes! There’s a project releasing this summer with all new unheard music. It goes crazy if I do say so myself.

Have any shout outs?

Yes! Shout Out NAHBOYSZN.

Kapjav is an artist you don’t want to miss out on. With hits under his belt such as Flex and Finesse, and an awesome album, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with this year in the U.K. and abroad. Check him out on Spotify or wherever you stream music.