GMO Stax, whose real name is Damarius Langston, from Detroit, Michigan, has been rising to fame with his original rap sound. He started rapping when he was 15 after getting kicked out of school Known for his extremely young age, he is a powerhouse in the world of rap and hip hop. This is especially notable because of how successful he’s become at this young age in this highly competitive world. 

In 2021, he released a 7 song album titled No Safety. This was met with a lot of success. He has also released longer albums that have been received with the same positive response. Earlier in 2021 he released Youngest Pit in America and in 2020 he came out with ADHD.

In a 2022 interview with Dirty Glove Bastard, GMO Stax talks about growing up on the westside of Detroit. He describes wanting to get into sports at a young age, but having trouble staying in school and turning to rap as a result. He describes fighting a lot in school and having trouble getting good grades. At the age of 8 he “jumped off the porch” – started hustling in the streets. He says he has been able to make it in the rap world and world in general with the help of his older bros and friends. He says he knew he was doing something special when the older neighborhood guys he looked up to were impressed and happy with his first song that he released. 

His music features other successful rappers, such as Baby Money, Lil Bro, Pooh Shiesty, Big30. Look out for more of his music as he continues to rise in the ranks of the music industry.