Shrimp may be a common word, but the artist Shrimp is like no other. Shrimp, whose real name is Tommy Lloyd, is an indie/alternative or emo rap musician. Starting his music career at the young age of 9, Shrimp has moved through different bands and has since evolved to create music on his own. The decision to become Shrimp as an independent artist was motivated, in part, by the drive he felt to succeed. He reported feeling unfulfilled with his bands of the past and their lack of direction. 

The name Shrimp originated from an experience, then Tommy Lloyd, had in high school. His friends mocked him for looking like a skinny shrimp. That transformed into an endearing nickname of sorts and stuck to Lloyd. This potentially silly nickname has served him well over the years. He has found great success across internet platforms with over 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, many followers on Twitter and over 20,000 followers on Instagram. Shrimp’s music is a mixture of light synths, guitar, hi-hats, and trap sounds. His style combines traditional beat making with original acoustic expression. He has released several projects including Attack Anxiety, The Shrimp Tape, and Shrimp’s Greatest Hits, along with many more singles. 

Shrimp has found a solid niche for his melancholic sound. However, he is no prawn. His work goes beyond simply the musical aspects of Shrimp. He views himself as a full artist, not just a musician. He has created Shrimpvision to express his digital visual art works and he created a podcast with his sister called At The End Of The Day about history. 

Shrimp has collaborated with artists including Fair, Clance, Hanzo, and is a member of the arts collective, THTCRM. This collective is responsible for the clothing line associated with Shrimp, called Attack Anxiety. This clothing line is an homage to some of Shrimp’s original music. While you wait for more from Shrimp, you can view his most recent music video for Doll, above.