Having multiple revenue streams is key to making a living as an independent artist. From streaming to touring to brand deals to merchandise, there are a lot of ways to make money from your brand. Creating merchandise is a great way to build brand affinity with your fans as well as bring in more money. But finding a reliable screenprinting company for your designs can be difficult, and buying bulk merchandise requires a down payment many artists don’t have. And, if the merchandise doesn’t sell, you’re stuck with inventory and a revenue loss. But what if we told you there was an easy way to create and sell merchandise without having to pay anything? By leveraging two amazing services, Printful and BigCartel, you can do exactly that. 

Printful is an on-demand product fulfillment and warehousing service that allows you to create made-to-order merchandise and pay for the cost of goods only after you’re paid by your customer. That means no more inventory and upfront costs—only profit! Plus, you can use BigCartel to build your own web store for free. BigCartel accepts PayPal and Stripe payments, meaning you can securely accept digital orders from credit cards in addition to just PayPal. You can even integrate Printful with BigCartel to automatically start creating and shipping your merchandise to your customer the second they order it. 

All you need to get started selling merchandise at no cost is to sign up for Printful and BigCartel, start creating merchandise, and design your BigCartel Store. Want more free resources like this article? Check out our artist resources. Want help designing a logo, merchandise, or setting up your merchandise store with BigCartel and Printful? We can build your store and merchandise for you as part of our artist management services. In addition to this, our artist management services aim to get paid gigs, signed to a record label or a receiving a publishing or distribution deal, have your music placed in TV and film through sync licensing contracts, and more. Have questions? Reach out to our team.