Our submission of the week is Sacha Rudy‘s latest EP, SOMEWHERE! The five song extended play includes his hit single from 2021, Upside Down, that has been streamed more than 100,000 times. Sacha calls himself a surrealist survivalist and his music sounds just like that. It is truly surreal and sumptuous. Sacha Rudy has a vocal quality that takes the listener into the surreal with him. 

Sacha Rudy’s sound is luminous. Living in Paris, France, he uses elegant phrases to capture the complexities of life. He creates poetic imagery with easy vocals layered over a beachy beat. Sacha Rudy uses electronic sounds, but they maintain an almost acoustic quality. He now has over 60,000 listeners on Spotify and is only in his early twenties. 

Sacha Rudy uses simplicity to convey messages through his songs. The simple feeling is conveyed with high quality vocals and percussion. When we say simple, we mean expertly simple. It is to the benefit of his songs that he has melodic lyrics to accompany the strong backing music. 

As we said, Sacha Rudy uses his music to transport the listener into another space, something that is rarely done through music or otherwise. We look forward to what he will put out next! 

Check out Sacha Rudy on social media and listen to his music on Spotify and other streaming services!