Kid Trunks, whose real name is Minh Nguyen, is a popular rapper with a unique style. He is from Broward County, Florida and found his start with the rap group Members Only with XXXTentacion. Born July 4, 2000, Kid Trunks has been rapping and performing since the age of 15. He has also collaborated with Ski Mask, Keith Ape, Robb Banks and many more.

His most successful solo song, IDK, was released in 2018 and has since generated over 15 million views on YouTube alone. He followed up IDK with IDK Pt 2 in 2020, which received a less positive response, only being viewed 400,000 times. He also had a collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert, Ozone, that he later took down from all streaming platforms.

Kid Trunks is more recently known for falsely claiming to have “pneumonia cancer” and pretending to have been shot in the chin. Kid Trunks is making a name beyond this for himself as a rapper. He announced that his experience with drug addiction informed this fabrication. His struggle with new fame and substance abuse led him to lie about the reasons he was in the hospital. He said he had near death experiences, he just lied about the source of those experiences. 

Listen to his music on Spotify and YouTube.