Clintn Lord just launched his new music video SAINT on March 23, 2022, shot by Vogue Boyz. The song itself as well as the music video has been released via BluRoc Records and Dame Dash Studios. If Clintn Lord looks familiar it’s because he’s been around more than most realize. Anyone who’s ever watched E Television, has certainly laid eyes on this artist. When Kanye West did his Yeezy fashion shows, Yeezy Season 3 and The Life of Pablo Listening Party at the Madison Square Garden, Clintn was a star in the lineup of models.

Who is Clintn Lord?

Clintn Lord is a modern artist who has been helping revolutionize the underground music culture. As a worldwide influence, his career started in New York City much like his predecessor Dame Dash who just signed this artist to his new label BluRoc Records via the label’s A&R rep Kashley.

Clintn is a reflection of the ever-changing youth, with blonde hair, bleached brows and gold diamond grillz. Clintn represents youth culture within the industry. He has been featured in magazines such as Complex, Vogue and Forbes for his various talents. The music isn’t where he stops. He is a versatile artist with his hand in various creative endeavors.

What’s Next From Clintn Lord?

Currently, he is working on his latest and greatest TV Show “Kash and Dash” which is currently in pre-production. The show focuses on Clintn and another new artist signed to the BluRoc Records label, Adam of Los Angeles. It follows their daily life in a behind the scenes look of their journey to stardom. Kashley and Dame head the show with their antics, and assist the future moves of these artists.

Clintn Lord has performed his music with artists such as Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert and DJ Khaled.