Classical music has always pulled the strings to our emotions. 

One enigma is lighting up the world with his amazing and powerful vocals. Singer Muratti is a classically trained singer who is currently based in Dubai UAE.  Singer Muratti is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love and joy to all those that hear it. Singer Muratti has been singing for over 11 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has a vast array of musical influences. 

After the sudden passing of his boss and friend from a sudden heart attack. Muratti found solace in music, changed his genre, and recorded a 120-year-old Turkish Love song in honor of him. This marked the turning point where the talented enigma began to sing how he truly felt he should sing rather than singing simply how he had been trained. 

This all culminated in Singer Muratti producing a musical experience that is extremely unique and immersed in cultural diversity. Singer Muratti holds a classical singing diploma from the London College of Music. He aims to make music that will inspire generations to come.

On January 14th, Singer Muratti released his debut rock single, Iron Lady, alongside a music video. The music video sees Singer Muratti singing in a dark room under a spotlight, as scenes of romance cut in and out. Iron Lady is a beautiful ballad, perfect for late nights or to help you concentrate on work. 

But what’s next for Singer Muratti? The Dubai-based artist has a lot on this plate for this year. He’s planning a tour for this spring and summer, more music in a variety of genres, and even more music videos for later this year. With a mature and professional sound, Muratti is a delight to listen to and we’re sure that young and old listeners will feel this way too. But there’s only one way to tell for sure what’s coming from Singer Muratti, and that’s by following him on social media. Check out his full discography on Spotify and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.