There are a lot of things to consider when starting your music career: what style you’ll use, where you’ll play, who your audience is. It’s easy to overlook the importance of branding yourself or your group with the perfect name. Here are 5 important tips to keep in mind for creating your stage name and beginning your journey to becoming a household name.

1. Combine your names and/or initials

Whether you’re in a group with several other artists or alone, a way to always be unique is to use what makes you special to begin with–your own name(s). Or by combining initials you could spark a new name from them.

2. Try translations and other languages

While changing the spelling of your name may sound like an easy way to be different, it can be more confusing than beneficial. When people go to Google you after hearing your debut album, they will be discouraged when they can’t even spell your name. An alternative is using your name in another language–it will be unique sounding and spelling without confusion. 

3. Numbers and symbols can be letters too

There are many unique ways to incorporate numbers and or symbols into your stage name. You can add it to a name to make it different and portray a certain image. Another way is to switch out letters that look like the number, such as “3” for “E” or “$” for “S”. 

4. Reflect on who you are

Don’t be literal–your stage name should be bigger than the music you make. It will be your brand. This name goes on your social media, on the tickets, on t-shirts, and more!

5. Check it twice

Make sure to check and see if your name has been taken. Your name should draw attention to your work, not start a legal battle. 

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