As an independent artist, getting your music to labels can be scary and confusing. How do I connect with A&Rs? How do I get signed to a label? How do I get a distribution or publishing deal? These are questions artists ask us all the time. While there’s no definitive answer, there are tools that can help make the process of connecting with record labels easy. One of the simplest ways to get your music to record labels and A&Rs and get feedback is through SubmitHub. SubmitHub is a platform for artists that allows them to send their music to blog curators, Spotify playlists, radio stations, influencers, and of course, record labels. With free and paid options, SubmitHub makes it easy to get in contact with record labels. In this article, we’ll share how to use SubmitHub to submit your music to record labels.

Adding a New Song to SubmitHub

Submithub Homepage

When you first visit you will see a screen like the above. You will be shown a page that lists all of the songs you have submitted, the profiles for artists you have submitted music for, and an activity feed that provides a list of responses to your submissions.

To submit a song, click the Submit a Song button in the top left corner. You will then be given the option to submit a new song or to send a song you’ve already submitted to more contacts. To submit a new song, click Upload New Song.

Submithub Choose a song

You will be asked to add a song link or upload an MP3 file. If you choose to use a song link, you can also attach an MP3 file, which is recommended. You will then be asked if the song is released or unreleased, and if it is released, when. Finally, you can attach an album or EP link for the label, curator, or other recipient of your submission to listen to more of your music.

Attaching an mp3

Next, you’ll want to start your pitch. Add the artist(s) of the song, list if the song is a remix or mashup or cover song, and if it has lyrics and what language they are in. If you already have submitted music via SubmitHub, you’ll be able to choose your artist profile in the Artist name field. 

Filling out artist info

Then, you enter if the song is explicit and if you have a radio-friendly version. In the What can you tell us about this song? section, fill out a pitch that gives more information on the track that you’re submitting and more about you as an artist. Finally, enter some similar artists—an easy way to find these is by going to the Fans also like section of your Spotify page. 

Entering song info

Next, you’ll be prompted to select an artist profile if you’ve already submitted music on SubmitHub. If you haven’t you’ll be asked to create a new artist profile. 

Choosing the artist

How to Edit Your SubmitHub Artist Profile

Next steps

Once you’ve added your song, you’ll see the above Next steps screen that will allow you to submit your song to curators, edit your song, upload a new song, and edit your profile. Similar to a social media network, you can edit your artist name, profile picture, bio, and add links to your social media accounts and streaming platforms. Make sure to fill this out so that your pitches are more attractive to curators.

Edit your artist profile

How to Submit a Song on SubmitHub

Curator options

Now that your artist profile is fleshed out, head back to the Next steps screen, and click Submit to curators. You will then be given the option to choose between Curators, Influencers, and Record labels. Choose the option that best fits what you’re looking to accomplish. In this instance, we’re going to choose Record labels. 

Credit types

SubmitHub works on a credit system. You can use two credits every for hours for free, or purchase Premium credits to filter your submission to the top and guarantee that you’ll get feedback or that the curator will listen to at least 90 seconds of the song. 

How Much Does SubmitHub Cost?

If you want to purchase Premium credits, SubmitHub has a number of different pricing options. You can purchase credits at any time by hovering over the credits button in the top right corner of the website and click Get more credits.

SubmitHub Premium credit pricing

  • 5 credits – $6
  • 10 credits – $10
  • 30 credits $27
  • 100 credits $80

The next screen will let you provide more information in your pitch. To record labels, you will be asked the following questions:

  • What do you want help with?
    • Release a single
    • Release an EP / album
    • Distribution, publishing and/or licensing
    • Sync deals for TV, film, ads, etc.
    • Find someone to remix this song
    • Remix someone else’s song
    • Be included in a compilation
    • Book gigs and tour
    • Work on marketing and publicity
  • Are you mostly looking for help with this song, or with all of your music?
    • This song specifically
    • All of our music
  • Genres
What do you need help with?

You’re almost done! Next, you’ll be shown a list of record labels and how many credits they cost. Then, click Submit in the bottom right corner of the website, and fill out your submission details. And just like that, you’ve sent your music to a record label!

Confirming your submission details

Checking the Status of Your SubmitHub Submission

On the next screen, you can choose to view your submission, and you can track the progress of your submission. SubmitHub will also notify you via email if your submission is accepted or rejected.

Checking the status of your submission


SubmitHub is a great tool for artists and labels to use to get in touch with record labels, curators, and influencers. It’s free to get started, accessible, and has an intuitive interface. However, not every record label is on there, and for some genres, the options to submit to can be limited. If you’re looking for a team to work with that can help you get your music in front of industry stakeholders, land you deals with record labels, get your song played on the radio, and more, read more about our artist management services or contact us for more information. Looking for more free tips and tricks to navigate the music industry more confidently? Check out our free artist resources.