Need new big room house music? Belgrade, Serbia-based DJ and producer D.N.G. will have you covered soon with his upcoming single. Returning one year after the official release of his debut single Radiance, D.N.G. is bringing the big room house sound to speakers everywhere. Booming bass and energizing melodies will have your whole body moving along! 

While D.N.G. hasn’t shared an official release date just yet, we know that Like This is going to be releasing soon. Either way, we’re excited and we know that if you’re a fan of big room or progressive house, you’ll be a fan of the track. In our recent interview, D.N.G. cited Blasterjaxx as his main inspiration and if you like his music you’ll definitely dig D.N.G.’s. 

If you’re based in Belgrade, or Europe, you may have the opportunity to see D.N.G. live. Make sure you’re following him on Facebook to stay up to date with everything he’s doing. Check out D.N.G.’s debut single Radiance on Spotify or wherever you stream music.