347aidan, whose real name is Aidan Fuller, is a young 19-year-old Canadian singer, producer, and content creator taking over the alternative genre. Starting in 2017, Aidan began uploading music to social media and growing his fan base with his laid-back style. It wasn’t until his 2020 singles “Dancing in My Room” and “Demons and Monsters” that Aidan drew millions of streams. The success is in part due to viral dance trends to the songs on platforms such as TikTok.  

Aidan’s message behind his projects is to spread positivity. Partially from the pandemic’s reigning toll on the world, and the constant buzz of social media, Aidan is another star for Gen Z. His message to his listeners is to stop caring about what people think of them and start caring about how to make yourself happy. Listeners can find many similarities to artists like BoyWithUke, TOKYO’S REVENGE, $NOT, Mac Miller, and Nirvana

To date, Aidan has only released singles and EPs. His largest EP, Chasing Harmony, was released in 2021 alongside 5 singles and another EP. With his increase of content, we can hope to see a full album from him this year–possibly with some unique collaborations. To add 347aidan to your next car ride playlist or good vibes tracks, find him on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform.