How do I promote my SoundCloud? That’s a question we hear a lot from artists. As with anything online, having people share your content is one of the key ways to expand your reach to new audiences. On SoundCloud, reposts are the way other accounts can share your music on their own profiles. This alerts their followers on the Stream tab of SoundCloud. We’ve tried a lot of different ways to promote our artists’ music on SoundCloud, from Promote on SoundCloud to social media advertising to influencer marketing and more. What we’ve found is the best way to promote and get more reposts on your music on SoundCloud is with RepostExchange.In 2020, we covered tips for organic growth and getting editorial playlist placements in this article. In this article, we’ll share how to promote your songs on SoundCloud with RepostExchange.

What is RepostExchange?

RepostExchange is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool for artists previously owned by Audiu—an organization that was owned by LANDR, a music mastering and distribution service. RepostExchange allows users to trade reposts with other users on the platform or launch campaigns to get users on the platform to repost their music. RepostExchange also recently launched a Feedback feature that lets users exchange feedback on their music with each other. In this article, we’ll show how to use RepostExchange to promote your music.

Creating a RepostExchange Account and Pricing

First, head over to RepostExchange, create an account, and link your SoundCloud profile. There are 4 tiers of plans to choose from. We recommend either using the free option, or the Network plan to feature tracks—which we’ll get into later. 

Starting a Repost Exchange Campaign

To start a campaign on RepostExchange, you need credits. You can get credits two ways—reposting other users’ music, and purchasing them. To start reposting other users’ music, head over to Depending on your plan, RepostExchange may curate a list of tracks that already fit with your music. You can start listening to users’ music and reposting them if you like them. You have to listen to a song before reposting!

You can also purchase credits by clicking + Add Credits in the top left corner of the website. There are different credits available ranging from $30 to $500. We’ll share how to use credits next.

Now that you have credits, click on My Campaigns in the left hand menu, and then Start a New Campaign. You’ll be given a list of tracks uploaded on your SoundCloud account to pick from. After you choose one, you’ll be given the option to choose how many credits you want to spend. If you are on the Artist or higher tier, you can create custom campaign settings limiting the genre of artists, how many reposts they do per day, etc. to optimize your campaign. 

Featuring Your RepostExchange Campaign

After you click Start Campaign, you’ll see your campaign listed under If you have chosen the Network plan, you’ll have a campaign that’s launched, and you’ll get the option to Set featured—putting your campaign at the top of the Campaigns and getting your campaigns spent more easily. 

Trading Reposts on RepostExchange

Instead of starting a campaign, you can also trade reposts with other members. By clicking the Members tab, you can view other users, their genres, as well as their response rate. This lets you narrow down who is reposting your music even further. 

Get Feedback with RepostExchange

By visiting the Feedback tab, you can view recommended tracks that need feedback, feedback you’ve given, or you can click Get Feedback to start receiving reviews on your track. The feedback feature even works for Private songs on your SoundCloud.

When you click Get Feedback, you’ll be able to start your Feedback Campaign, and choose the points you want feedback on.


With these tips, you’ll be set to start promoting your music on SoundCloud with RepostExchange. Want to read more about how to market yourself as an independent artist? Check out our free artist resources or request a free career report from our team.

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