With his soft-toned counter-tenor, Peter Brooks is giving us everything we thought we didn’t need, yet surprisingly really want. Taking a fresh perspective on classic Jazz arrangements Peter Brooks utilizes his dynamic range to draw the listener into an environment where we are challenged yet thoroughly entertained. Peter offers his renditions of the classics I’ve Got You Under My Skin, You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To, and I Left My Heart In San Francisco as debut offerings.

These tracks are glimpses into his majestic and elegant voice. Although Peter is clearly singing to a backing track, which are common arrangements of the standards, Peter’s voice escalates the familiar into the transcendent. Coming at music at a later age; as more of a “what do I have to lose?” Peter Brooks has allowed himself the freedom of performance which has clearly brought happiness to this man after many years of lacking the confidence to stand up and perform these great songs.

His focus on rhythm, tempo, and phrasing is mature and highly professional. Each nuance of the verse is encapsulated within the harmonic structure of each cadence. His innate ability to create tension at the end of each stanza and the escalating overtones to resolve them are the true aspects listeners should pay the most attention to. Peter, continue to sing your heart out and continue to grow as a singer, and musician. Audiences will be receptive to this style of vocals, as you bring new energy to the standards we have grown up loving.