Known as Japan’s singing ambassador, MIOU is a talented singer and songwriter with a flair for fashion. Having achieved the award for the “Asian Top Fashion Singer of the Year 2011” in Dalian, China, and for the “Asia Pacific Inspirational Woman 2014” in Singapore. MIOU has been performing worldwide on various international stages. When she takes the stage to sing, MIOU transforms it into a sight to behold. She is always clad in assembles that create trails of followers.

After discussing female empowerment at SIGEF 2019, 2020, and 2021, and achieving the award for the “Asian Top Fashion Singer of the Year” in China,  MIOU has been performing worldwide at various international stages such as Hyper Japan (London), Japan Expo (Paris), Palazzo Bocconi(Italy), Middle East Film and Comic Con (Dubai), Chingay Parade (Singapore), Costa Blanca Fashion Week (Spain), Japanese Film Festival (Italy), The Kuwait Embassy (Japan), AFI World Peace Initiativeat Festival de Cannes (Cannes), and Romics(Italy), among many others.

MIOU brings Japan to the world through her music, preserving and sharing the beauty of traditional Japanese culture. While maintaining her own cultural identity, she fuses Japanese traditional sound with modern western beats to create an “East Meets West” crossover. MIOU moves to the tunes of the Land of the Rising Sun.