Kings and Liars is a hard rock and metal band from Connecticut. Following their two extended plays—Machines and It’s Your Fault, the band began working on their debut album, slated for later this year. Earlier this year, they released the first single from their upcoming album—We Are Alive, and inked a deal with Salt of the Earth Records. We Are Alive mixes classic hard rock and metal with modern melodies to create a record that will resonate with old and new hard rock and metal fans. 

Gritty, grimy, chugging and swerving with a sometimes nasty little groove, heavy in a time with a definite need for that, and proving that “metal” can be both that and be “melodic”, Kings and Liars are here to show you what rock & roll should be. Not content to blend in with the mediocre or downplay their heaviness, Kings and Liars bring nothing but their rock & roll grit and swagger to each and every show. 

Pulling from a pure love of early metal and larger doses of 90’s grunge rock, Kings and Liars moves past the “classic rock” ear tag and drives their sound forward with the volume up and the pedal flat. After years of touring as utility members in bands—Dee Snider, JASTA, Kingdom of Sorrow and Toxic Holocaust, Charlie Bellmore, Nick Bellmore, Chris Beaudette had the desire to give a nod to their influences but not re-hash them.

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